• Debra Berry

What if?


I am guessing many of us have asked ourselves, “What if I?” This question often surfaces when we question pursuing a specific or situation. For example, “What if I . . .

Pursue my PhD?

Ask my boss for a raise?

Take a trip to New Zealand?

Such questions can help us clarify the reason and benefits for doing so and create a plan for accomplishing each endeavor.


For many of us, we get excited about the possibilities when we ask, “What if?” However, many of us often get stuck and have challenges moving ahead and taking action. Let’s look at four big reasons we get stuck. In the world of life coaching, these are referred to as energy blocks also known as the GAILs.

First, Gremlins, our inner critics, the voice in our head telling us: “You can’t do that. You are not smart enough. Who do you think you are?”

Second, Assumptions, the beliefs that if something happened in the past, it will occur again.

Third, Interpretations. the opinions we create about events, situations or experiences in our life.

Fourth, Limiting Beliefs, the self-fulfilling prophecies or beliefs we


These GAILs receive their power from fear, and they can immobilize us. Once we recognize them, we can utilize them to examine the reason why we are getting stuck, and then reframe or “flip” our thinking about each, take action, and go it!

What is you biggest "What if? What if you don't take action?

When will you start?

How will your life change if you don't get started?

P. S.

If you still feel like you are still getting stuck, you may want to contact and work with a life coach and work together to eliminate these undermining energy blocks.

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