Supporting You Through
Changes in Your Life

In his book, The Only Thing That Matters, Neale Donald Walsch writes, “You have been told that to be happy in life you need to get the guy, get the girl, get the car, get the job, get the house, get the spouse, get the kids, get the better job, get the better house, get the promotion . . .”


Many of us, including myself, grew up with plans to get many of these things.

I got my nursing degree. I got my hot Mustang car. I got my nursing degree and career. I got my husband. I got my little house. I got my beautiful precious daughter and son. I got my better job. I got my bigger better house with a pool. I got my trip to Hawaii, and much more.


But I also got the unexpected . . . . I got the divorce, my first experience of an unplanned and unexpected change in my life.  The divorce was certainly not the last change.  Not so long ago, within about a two year period, I got all of the unexpected.


First,  my job was eliminated, I moved to a new area and rented a home tucked away in the woods on a lake, and started  started a new job. 

Shortly after this, I was diagnosed with a major health issue. I had to move into town so I was closer to work and my health care providers.   Within months, my job was eliminated.  My mother died. 

I found a new job and moved again to another area, this time a temporary stay with a family member until I could find a home.  Within a few months, I found a condo to rent and moved town closer to my job.  During this transition my sister and father died.


Finally, I found a home to purchase and made another move to a near by town. 

 If you lost count that’s five moves, two new jobs, three family members’ death, and a major health issue. 


Life Changes


Life Changes sometimes in ways we expect and perhaps dream of and other times in ways we could never anticipate.


I would like to tell you the unplanned and unexpected changes I experienced were easy, but the truth is it was tough.  I found I was meeting myself coming and going.  I felt disorganized and scattered. I was felt like I was running in circles, and often I felt alone in the middle of the circle not knowing which way to turn.  I was tired, weary, and stressed to my limit. There was little peace and quiet or time for me to engage in the activities I enjoyed. I missed out on connecting with my family and friends.  Things I felt passionate about were put to the side.  I told myself to buck up, get up, and quit whining.  I was holding on, I was surviving. 


From Surviving to Thriving


  • What unplanned or unexpected changes have you experienced in your life?

  • Is decision making overwhelming at times?

  • Do you find yourself asking . . . “How did this happen?”

  • Have you found yourself thinking . . . What am I going to do now?

  • Does it feel like you are just surviving?

  • Are you feeling paralyzed by fear and the ‘what-ifs’?

  • Are you feeling any of the following: anxious, afraid, hopeless, stuck, tired, stressed, unfocused, exhausted, uncertain, alone, or overwhelmed?


Did you answer yes to any of the above questions?   If so, you are probably only surviving.


Gratefully, I am here to tell you I not only survived, I THRIVED!


Every change I incurred brought new lessons and opportunities my way especially the changes that were unplanned and unexpected.  HOW?


I began to THRIVE through the chaos of unplanned and unexpected changes as I discovered how my thoughts and feelings drove my behaviors and action and how my actions and behaviors created my results.   Now, I experience more of the results I desire.   I CHOOSE TO TRIVE.  I AM THRIVING!


Now What?


Are you ready to feel confident and empowered as you take charge of your life and get the results you desire – one that supports your best quality of life for you?


I’ll stand beside you and guide you as you:

  • Define what THRIVING means to you

  • Target your most important personal goals with an action plan that gets you going

  • Explore possibilities and choices you may not have thought about

  • Let go of old goals, attitudes or behaviors that limit you Strengthen healthy thinking and emotions

  • Build resources helpful for your personal growth

  • Get support, feedback and encouragement

  • Move ahead with focus and accountability

  • Celebrate your life!


As a result, you’ll gain confidence, live authentically and learn to realize,

you can handle any change you encounter.


This is your moment . . .now it’s time for you to decide . . . get started now.

So if you’re thinking . . . maybe it’s time for me to THRIVE . . . your right, it is!



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“We’ve got two lives. The one we’re given and the one we make.”