• Debra Berry

Bar Harbor: June 30, 2021

This is my first full day in Bar Harbor. I did not get out much during the day because of the sweltering heat and humidity today. OMG, I am not cut out for 95 degrees and walking and climbing stairs!

Alas, evening comes and the temperature drops into the mid seventies, so I decided to venture out.

The picture to the left is the fountain in Agamont Park by the


I am not sure if you can tell this is a firetruck. As it whizzed by me with lights flashing and horns blaring, I thought it was Bar Harbor's way of welcoming me. I soon realized the locals saw how hot I was and thinking I was a blaze of fire sent the firetruck to hose me down.

This is my little ride around the harbor. I am quiet sure there is a tall, dark, silver-haired, handsome man with a glass of wine waiting for me on board. Heck, he'll have to wait for another day... did I tell you how hot and cute I looked.

And this is my tiny house while I am here. Someone left the lights on for me.

That's day one my friends.

Stay tuned!

Love from Baa Haabor xoxox!

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