• Debra Berry

Good News: It's Never to Late

This past year has been difficult for many reasons. News travels fast today, and we are frequently bombarded with disaster and chaos from a variety of different media sources.

Even our conversations tend to center around the negative aspects of life events.

Self-care practitioners encourage us to turn off the news and practice positive nurturing self-care like eating well, getting enough sleep, exercise, and meditation.

I’d like to offer another form of self-care, finding yourself some positive up-lifting news!

One of my favorite television shows is Sunday Morning CBS. I think it is the perfect relief from all the negative rhetoric of most news shows.

I also recently discovered

Check out the story on Sunny Skyz about John and Joy, 94 year old's, living in upstate New York, who during the pandemic were determined to hang on to love. Follow this link to learn more about John and Joy, and discover why Joy finally said, “Yes.”

After reading the story of John and Joy, I am curious if you are single and over 50:

Where and how are you meeting potential dates?

  • When you hear about older adults dating, what is your reaction?

  • Have you ever, or would your consider, using an on-line dating site?

  • If John or Joy were your parent would you support their relationship?

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