• Debra Berry


Today, I am thinking about FLEXIBILITY, most likely because I am experiencing some stiffness in my back and hips.

Because I was taught to look up definitions of words I started there. The first definition of FLEXIBILITY I found related to the body’s movement and the range of motion of a joint or group of joints.

I love yoga and when I am faithful to practicing it, I know my body is more flexible, and I experience less discomfort. The definite message here is I need to step up my yoga practice!

I have learned that when I choose to go with the flow life is easier, and I have more energy and joy in my life. That's the frosting on my cake!

Here are a few questions I invite you to think about today. Remember, FLEXIBILITY does not just relate to our body but also our minds and spirit, so you can ask these questions as they relate to your body, mind or spirit.

  • What benefits do I experience when I am flexible?

  • If I were more flexible, how might my life be different?

  • Where am I being inflexible in my life?

  • When I am inflexible, how it is serving me or what lesson is it bringing me?

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