• Debra Berry

Creating Your Ice Cream Sundae

I had a super great morning, and I got a wonderful idea about writing today’s blog using the suggestion of an analogy.

By eight-thirty this morning, I was sitting in a chair at the salon ready for a haircut. My stylist, Beth, is a wonderful individual, and I am blessed to call her my friend.

In a few weeks, I will celebrate my seventieth birthday, and as Beth began cutting away at my silver strands she said, “I can’t believe you are going to be seventy,” “You don’t look seventy, and you don’t act seventy.”

“What does a seventy year old woman look and act like?” I asked.

Beth pronounced, “Well, not you! Your skin is gorgeous. Your hair is great. You're beautiful. You laugh and have fun. You always go for it. You are kind and compassionate. You’re energetic and full of life.”

“Wow! I am overwhelmed. Thank you, however my heritage, experiences, and especially my friends have made me the woman I am. I choose friends who are of all those things you just said about me. My friends help mold, share, and love me into being more of all of it.” I told her.

“How is that? She asked.

“Well, it's kind of like I am vanilla ice cream, and all my friends are the yummy toppings. Without my friends I could not be a delicious ice cream sundae.” I said.

Beth asked me to explain my analogy. I told her, “I am attracted to people I admire and want to be more like. So, I look for individuals who laugh, have fun, are kind and compassionate, and full of energy and life. As for the hair and skin, I got lucky, I was blessed with great genes.”

“I get it! It’s like an omelet, you are the egg and everyone else is the cheese or whatever else you want in your omelet!” Beth exclaimed.

"Exactly! I said.

So the wisdom I offer you today is:

Create your ice cream sundae or omelet with only the finest ingredients!

Bon appetit!

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