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Be Kind

May 7, 2021: "Be Kind"

In the last days of my Dad's life, my sister and I kept close a vigilance over him.

Dad had been unresponsive to our presence for several hours. He had laid quietly and still on his back for a few hours, so my sister and I were preparing to reposition him on his side. As we began to turn him, Dad opened his eyes and held up his finger in a pose like he was about to tell us something very important, and we better be listening closely. His voice was so soft and weak when he spoke, it was difficult to understand what he was saying. I looked across the bed at my sister and said, "Did he just tell us to be kind?" “I think so,” my sister replied. I looked into Dad's glassy soft brown eyes said, “Did you just tell us to be kind?” He nodded his head, closed his eyes and went back to sleep. Those were the last words my dad spoke. Those became the most powerful influential words in my life. “Be Kind” it was the legacy he left me.

I have these words hanging on my wall so I see them everyday, and everyday I am reminded to practice a acts of kindness. Recently, I have been thinking about how I can practice and give kindness in more ways. I believe kindness is one avenue in which we express love. Gary Chapman's book's The Five Love Languages, words, quality time, gifting, service, and touch has been a great tool in inspiring me to be more creative in my acts of kindness. How do you express kindness in different ways?

Thanks for letting me share a bit about the legacy my dad left to me. Until next time, "Be Kind."

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