• Debra Berry

Bar Harbor: September 21, 202

Wow! It has been three weeks since I have posted anything here. I am taking many picture's, however this sign at Schoodic Peninsula, I feel says it all.

There are so many vistas I try to share with you, however just remember, the pictures are doing them little justice. I wish you could also have the full sensory experience.

Last week, I took a trip to Schoodic Peninsula about an hour from Bar Harbor. Part of Acadia National Park is on this peninsula, the only part of the park on the mainland of Maine. I have read only ten percent of the visitors to Acadia National Park visit Schoodic Peninsula. This part of the park has an entirely different shore line and is far less crowded.

I did not do any hikes here. It was a little to remote for me, and I was alone. I did enjoy my drive through and did stop a couple of time to just try and record the experience in my mind.

I went back to the main part of the park here on Mount Desert Island and did a longer hike along the Ocean Path during a high surf warning day. When I was on the path where the ocean was not visible, it sounded like I was in a thunder storm with the water banging against the cliffs. I tried to capture the sound on video, however was unsuccessful.

There have been some very low and high tides recently. I find the changes in tide very interesting.

The lobster boat in front below is the Stephanie Diane. Recently a young man came into the shop and was so excited to find a painting of this boat, "This is my dad's boat," he exclaimed with pride, and "It's named after my sister." The lobster cages below have lobster in them, however my skill at photography misses capturing them. The last picture is of two cairns. I have not seen any cairns for awhile. These were perched way out on a rock ledge. Who ever built them had more guts then I do to place them out there.

And now for my latest discovery, an ube roll! The ube is a purple yam originally from the Philippines. My ube roll was filled with Vermont cheddar cheese and a yummy bit of jam. Apparently I am just catching up with the ube trend. I learned Trader Joe's had ube pancake and waffle mix, so I sent my daughter on a mission. She is a good daughter and got right on it, only to discover ube is seasonal and has been replaced with pumpkin. Oh well, there is next year.

Fall is creeping in here in Bar Harbor. The days here are breezier and cooler, and the nights are going to require turning on a heater soon. The leaves are starting to turn. The tourist are still here with their demands for tissue paper wrapped bottles of maple syrup and jam and of course the t-shirts.

I have about six weeks left of this adventure. In another week, I will be living alone in the apartment. My buddy, Carol, leaves next Thursday. I am going to miss her, however I am grateful to have a new friend who shared some of this adventure with me.

Until next time . . .

Love from Baa Harbor xoxoxo

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