• Debra Berry

Bar Harbor: August 19, 2020

Started my morning today with a walk to get my haircut and spotted this little number. I crossed the street to get a picture, however when I first came upon it I was on the side of the entrance door. I am going to skip a ride on this, I think the owner must be a hoarder, YIKES the things I could see just from looking in from the sidewalk! In the afternoon, I drove over to Deer Isle to have lunch at El El Frijoles and spotted it along side of the rode about 30 minutes outside of Bar Harbor. Glad I did not catch a ride.

I enjoyed a crab quesadilla at El El Frijoles for lunch. It was an interesting place. It looked like someone turned an old carriage house behind there home into this eatery. Only the party ordering was allowed inside and masking was required. Once my order was completed, my food was sat outside on a table and then my name was called to let me know it was ready. I had to sit outside to eat. It is very hot and humid here today and the bugs were out in full force.

A bit of a side note. More and more people are wearing mask and more and more shops are encouraging mask. When I got my haircut earlier everyone was masked. What's happening back in Michigan related to the pandemic?

Earlier this week, I was craving a good cheeseburger and Bloody Mary. Route 66 seemed like the place to go.

It was a fun place, a bit of overload with all the parahelia, and the cheeseburger and Bloody Mary was delicious.

On Sunday, Bar Harbor will experience a higher tide than usual due to the recent storm along the east coast. Seeing the change in tide fascinates me. Everything along the shore looks so different from low to high tide. It amazes me to see the difference in the incline or decline of the planks from docks to the boats. High tide also makes all the yachts and other boats seem so much closer to shore. Tide generally ranges about ten feet in depth difference. This weekend a 12 foot difference is expected. I'll be down at the shore at 9:00 PM to catch the higher tide.

I have been in Bar Harbor now for seven and one-half weeks. I am beginning to feel like a local. It has been a unique experience so far. Truthfully, I confess the tourist are starting to wear on me, especially their demands and dogs but more on that later.

Enjoy some night time scenes.

Until next time . . .

Love from Baa Haabor xoxoxo

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