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A New Way to Travel and Experience Life

When I was still working, my dream was to sell my home and purchase a motorhome when I retired. My plan was in my motorhome, I would travel the country, driving it to a designated spot, stay awhile, and then move on to the next spot.

Then reality hit one day as I was driving my car through the national parks in Utah. Wow, those curves and cliffs made my heart go pitty pat. What had I been thinking when I thought I would travel alone in a motor home? I began to wonder how much of a risk taker was I really. I also realized my financial status was probably not going to support such a venture.

During my national park travels, I came to realize there were a lot of individuals working in the parks from all over the country. On a side trip to the Grand Canyon, I took a tour bus to the rim of the canyon. The bus driver was a woman. At one of the stops, I asked her how she came to drive this bus in the Grand Canyon. She told me her story. She had been an over the road long hauler truck driver for years. Then one day, she said she decided enough was enough and within a few weeks she began working in the national park.

I was intrigued with her story and asked her, "How do I get a job in a park?" She went on to tell me more about living and working in a national park. She suggested if I was really interested, I needed to check out the site.

Now, I am retired. I never intended not to do some type of work when I retired. My intention was to have the freedom to work when and where I wanted. Beginning in July and through October, I will be combining my love of travel with a job in Bar Harbor, Maine near Acadia National Park.

I am excited to have this experience, living, working, and meeting new people. Plus enjoying time at Acadia National Park, the coastal waters, and of course eating lots of lobster.

If you are interested in a unique travel adventure check out Take a chance. Like me, it may be a bit of a calculated risk, but go of it. You just never know where your life is going to travel!

"Because in the end your won't reminder

the time you spent working in an office or mowing your lawn.

Climb that damn mountain."

~Jack Kerouac

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